Combine wind and solar, more distributed energy

A new category in an existing market


AeroMINE™ produce on-site energy at utility scale economics, more cost effectively than solar panels. 

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Innovative aerodynamic concept


An innovative aerodynamic concept has resulted in a simple elegant design.

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Impact of simple


The result of simplicity impact reliability, cost of energy and hazel free operations.

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AeroMINE™ system is scalable


Add as many AeroMINEs as you can on the leading edge of the building, combine with solar as needed.

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Combining wind and solar


The energy produced is quite complementary, reduces peak demand and need for storage.

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Installation and maintainnace


AeroMINE™ does not degrade with time and requires minimal supervision.

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A new category in an existing market

AeroMINE™ is useful wherever solar is applied

AeroMINE™ produce on-site energy at utility scale economics, more cost effectively than solar panels. AeroMINE™ is pure innovation with simplicity as a design guide. The mass market for AeroMINE™ is proven, large and has synergies with solar. 

The buying decisions for solar are exactly the same for AeroMINE™, providing a proxy procurement rubric. By adding the AeroMINE™ and solar together, commercial buildings could get over 100% of their energy from the roof. Many other applications, such as residential, architectural, military  can take advantage of the technology, just like solar panels.


Innovative aerodynamic concept

Fundamental principles lead to simplicity

AeroMINE™ is an innovative aerodynamic concept based on fundamental components. 

Formula 1 airfoils facing the wind produce a low pressure. The airfoils are hollow and perforated, transferring the pressure to the internal (blue) of the AeroMINE. The low pressure is connected via a manifold to a generator module. The generator module consists of a 36-inch propeller and a 2.5 kW generator. As air is pulled by the pressure through the air intake, past the propeller, the generator makes AC power. The power is delivered via a small power and control box on the side of the AeroMINE™. 

The power delivered surpasses wind turbines with similar sizes because of the powerful concept and subsequent high efficiency. The concept is agnostic to size and power ratings.


Impact of simple

Results through simplicity

AeroMINE™ is pure innovation with simplicity as a design guide. Each component is made with known principles, from known supply chain and known materials. This enables our manufacturing partners to optimize the entire supply chain with a great degree of flexibility.

AeroMINE™ is shipped in sections that fit in 20 foot containers and installed in sections which can be handled without lifting equipment, just like solar panels. No special wind turbine training is required. 

AeroMINE™ operates at low rotor velocities inside the generator duct. The rotor can not be seen, not be hear and not be touched. It is inherently safe, silent and vibration free. The only wearable is the generator shaft bearings.


AeroMINE™ System performance

Results of scalable

AeroMINE™ configures just like solar panels, installs without cranes or special training. Each unit produce AC power, so the electrical collection system is simpler than solar panels. In a typical industrial system, 16 solar panels connect to one inverter, which connects to the electrical collector network, which deliver power to the building via a net meter.

AeroMINEs installs completely parallel, either in its own collector network or the same. The power of the systems can double the impact on the typical industrial building and increase the local power to make a significant impact on the building.

If opportune, the collector grid of the two systems can be placed in the same collector grid. AeroMINE™ control and monitoring software assist owners in optimizing the output and use of the resources. 


Combining wind and solar behind the meter

It is not just about cost of energy, better power has a higher value

The energy produced is quite complementary. Solar power peaks before the peak afternoon consumption, whereas wind often peak a little later. The combination not produce more power on a 24-hour cycle, it also produces more energy during peak pricing. Industrial buildings typically have power plans which include excessive peak pricing driving up the cost of grid power. The combination of solar and wind power behind the meter help shave that risk, and ultimately reduce the need for energy storage.

Regardless, AeroMINE™ provide power with a higher capacity factor than solar panels (18%), when annual wind speeds exceed 5 m/s (11 mph). Unlike solar panels, AeroMINE™ does not degrade over time. Our proprietary local resource assessment tool can help identifying the optimal combination of solar and wind for the specific building consumption profile. 


Installation and operation

AeroMINE™ installs and operates, just like solar panels

AeroMINE™ configures just like solar panels, installs without cranes or special training. The electrical collector grid can be accommodated to the local building requirements by generator configuration combined with step up transformers and protection relays as needed.

AeroMINE™ only use the leading edge of the building, so there is plenty of room for solar panels on the roof as well. 

AeroMINE™ is robust. The rotor is the only moving component, but it is inside the AeroMINE™, thus, not exposed to wind and weather. AeroMINE™ is designed to survive extreme weather.